Crab Consulting

Specialising in funding solutions. Able to take on just about any consulting to do with materials (especially concrete), innovation, sustainability and government interfacing.

497 Main Road, Glenorchy Tasmania 7010
Phone: 62713060, Fax: 62730010

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"Are you missing out?"

Crab consulting have a range of expertise available directly to them or through John Harrison Accountants.

Our principle, John Harrison is not only a competent economist and accountant, but a well known as a materials scientist and sustainability activist.

We specialise in raising money through grants and in Australia, our home country, there is more than $8 billion in grant funding available annually.

Identifying and applying for grants is a resource intensive, time consuming business which must be undertaken with diligence and expertise in order to beat the competition and secure funding.

We will cut through bureaucratic red tape and tailor your proposal to government requirements, maximising your chances of success.

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"We think laterally and move fast"