Crab Consulting

Specialising in funding solutions. Able to take on just about any consulting to do with materials (especially concrete), innovation, sustainability and government interfacing.

497 Main Road, Glenorchy Tasmania 7010
Phone: 62713060, Fax: 62730010


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"Know your crabs."

Crab Consulting

In these successful economic times leading to record surpluses at the Federal level, governments have increasingly relied on industry development and other funding programs to achieve their political and social objectives and simultaneously stimulate further economic development. As state economies continue to recover from the recession of the nineties, enterprises are looking for ways to expand, particularly in Tasmania our home state. Crab Consulting has recognised that many enterprises are unaware that they are elligible for government funds available for many purposes including re-structuring primary industries such as fishing or the undertaking of important environmental projects such as water initiatives.

Crab Consulting has recognised that many smaller enterprises are not applying for grants and other government funding. This is regrettable given that the reduced opportunities for private investment compared to larger enterprises increases the importantance of grants as a source of development funds.

Our experience is valuable in that our consultants have not only banged their heads up against the grant funding wall in the past, they have also helped build and maintain that wall through past lives managing government grant programs. We are also closely linked to John Harrison Accountants, a progressive and successful accounting firm that can provide accounting and ancilliary advice on funding proposals or other business issues if necessary. It was this association with many Tasmanian clients, as well as attempts to secure funding for his own business endeavours, that led John Harrison, our manager to conceive Crab Consulting.

John Harrison Accountants and John's other passion, TecEco Pty Ltd can be accessed through the links page