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Specialising in funding solutions. Able to take on just about any consulting to do with materials (especially concrete), innovation, sustainability and government interfacing.

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Crab Consulting Services

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"We'll specialise in cutting red tape and provide the full range of services required to apply for and secure government funding. Anything else is just too easy.”

Funding Solutions  -   Are you missing out?

Opportuntity Identification

As grant funding is often only available for a defined period of time or until funds are comitted, the window of opportunity to get that application in is often only open for a short time. To complicate matters, even previously expired programs will occasionally release more funding opportunities if current projects fail or political pressures lead to an extension. When you consider funding programs number in the thousands and all have different eligibility requirements, identifying opportunities can be a task that many businesses priortise out of existence.

Our networks and databases keep us fully informed of all opportunities. We are happy to inform new clients of any obvious opportunities free of charge in our first meeting, and do further research at your request if required. We keep our stakeholders aware of any major events in the funding world through our "Crab Grab" newsletter.

Grant Applications

Governments need to feel secure that funding proposals represent value for public monies and are from reputable organisations who will leverage the maximum anount of benefits from the funding. This has led to the widespread use of complicated funding application forms designed to capture every contingency but not designed to be completed quickly or easily.

Our consultants will quickly and accurately translate an idea for a funding proposal into a fully blown application that will help government feel secure in offering funding to your organisation. We will also liaise with government officers to ensure the proposal meets with their requirements.

Partnership Facilitation and Networking

Many government funding programs that a business may otherwise have been ineligible for can become accessible if the business forms a partnership with an eligible organisation. Using our range of networks, we can facilitate such partnerships for the purposes of obtaining grant funding, or any other prupose.

Government Grant Programs and Strategies

Our staff know how governments think. We put together strategies to maximise your opportunities to secure funding for your project.

Computing Solutions  -  We can save you time!

Systems Analysis.

Once your business gets to a reasonable size systems analysis is important to make the data processing function flow smoothly. We have experience with systems right through to multi million dollar companies.

Software Advice

We are very skilled with computers and can assist you choose from the plethora of available programs.

  • Our own easy to use GST & wages software©
  • MYOB & Quicken partner.
  • We are a Microsoft partner

Software and Computer Commissioning

Once you have purchased your new software and computer systems you will need to set them up.

Web Site Design, Writing and Maintenance

John and his son JJ have been involved in the writing of many web site we can refer you to. Please contact us if you would like us to write a web site.

Reference sites:,, etc.

Business Solutions – Thinking outside the pond!

Budgeting and Financial Statements

We recommend John Harrison Accountants who can prepare any budgets or financial statements that may be required.

Business Planning

Governments like certainty. They need to know that you have a realistic plan for spending their funds and beyond. We can advise on an existing plan or develop a new one for you.

We can also advise on other issues in relation to your business. For instance, we can examine the effect a new commercialisation grant will have on your R&D Tax Concession.

Marketing Plans & Appraisals

Don't go into a new business without first assessing the market for the goods or services you wish to supply. We can help you do this

Product Development & Marketing

In this technological age product development can take a fraction of the time and money that it previously took. We can help you turn into reality products and services you may have only dreamed about.

With our desktop publishing expertise & equipment we can then assist with brochures. Marketing campaigns are a breeze. We also have listings on CD Rom of virtually everybody in Australia who has a listed telephone number.

Technology Startups & Project Management

John and staff have been involved in many startups and can help you get there. We work with the department of state development and other agencies to get you on your way.

Scientific Solutions

We have access to expertise in a number of fields including materials (especially cement and concrete) and sustainability issues.

Our principle John Harrison is a well known materials scientist and author on materials and sustainability issues. If its to do with environmental improvement or sustainability, John Harrison is your man.